Constitution and Bylaws

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1.00    NAME

1.10    The organization shall be called the “Lake George Gun Club Inc”.  The range is located at 173 Rte 635 HWY, Lake George, York County, New Brunswick.



2.10    To encourage and promote the safe handling and proper care of firearms.

2.20    To provide facilities for the safe testing and sight alignment of firearms.

2.30    To provide facilities for the safe testing of ammunition types and loads.

2.40    To improve marksmanship.

2.50    To provide opportunity for the recreational use of firearms.

2.60    It will be its further purpose to promote self-reliance, good fellowship and self-discipline in the recreational use of firearms.

2.70    The club facilities will be fully closed on Sundays.



3.10   Membership Classifications
          3.11   The club will have regular membership.
          3.12   The club will have associate membership.
          3.13   The club will have junior membership.

3.20   Eligibility
          3.21   Regular membership will be granted to persons of legal age who fulfull the conditions of membership required by the Lake George Gun Club Inc.
          3.22   Associate membership, with full membership privileges, will be granted to husbands or wives of regular members who fulfill the conditions of regular membership.

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3.20   Eligibility (continued)      
          3.23   Junior membership will be granted to under legal age dependants of Regular members.
          3.24   Members must be proficient or wish to become proficient in the operation of firearms.
          3.25   Members must agree to the strict adherence to all municipal, provincial, and federal laws pertaining to the use and ownership of firearms.

3.30   Benefits and Duties
          3.31   All members of the club in good standing will have the privilege of using the facilities of the club under the regulations and directions issued by the club.
          3.32   It is the duty of all members to conduct themselves at all times in a manner becoming to true sportsmen; to observe the rules and regulations pertaining to safety and to assist in the maintenance of safe facilities.


4.10   The annual dues will be paid no later than two months after the Annual Meeting.

4.20   The Annual dues will be determined at the Annual Meeting.



5.10   The Directors and Officers of The Lake George Gun Club Inc. will be four Directors, plus the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Chief Range Officer.                                        

The four Directors plus the five Officers of this Club will constitute the Executive Committee.


6.10 Directors
The Directors are responsible for the Gun-Club’s incorporation regulations, maintaining and negotiating lease arrangements, and attending Gun-Club, and Executive Committee meetings

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6.00    DUTIES OF OFFICERS (continued)

 6.20  President
The President will preside at all meetings, call special meetings and generally supervise the Club’s activities.

6.30   Vice-President
The Vice-President will perform the duties of the President when requested or when the President is absent.

6.40   Secretary
The Secretary will attend all meetings of the Gun-Club, and Executive Committee, and will record all votes and minutes of all Gun-Club proceedings.

6.50   Treasurer
The Treasurer will keep full and accurate records of assets, receipts, and disbursements in books belonging to the Club; will pay all approved bills and collect dues.

6.60   Chief Range Officer
          The Chief Range Officer will be responsible for the safe and orderly conduct of all people on the range when competition shooting is in progress.
          The Chief Range Officer can appoint a qualified member of the Range Officer’s Committee to act in his place for a competition.  Informal range use will be the responsibility of individual club members for range safety and orderly conduct.


7.10   There will be a Gun Club Annual Meeting held each year.  The date and time will be set by the Executive Committee.

7.20   The Executive Committee will call any Special Meetings of the Gun Club Membership as it sees the necessity to do so.  The time and date will be set by Executive Committee.
7.21   There shall be an election of Directors and Officers at the Annual Gun-Club Meeting each year, or at special Gun-Club meetings if required.  Each Director will be appointed for four years.  One Director will be re-elected each year.

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10.10  Two members, as proposer and seconder, can move an amendment to theBy-Laws of the Lake George Gun Club Inc. at any Executive, Annual or Special Meeting of the Club.  The proposed amendment can only be voted and acted on at the following Annual or Special Meeting of the Club.  Before this second meeting, the secretary must contact all members in good standing, notifying them of the proposed amendment and advise them of the time and date of the meeting.

Revised:  May  28, 2005