Range Standing Orders

Lake George Gun Club - Shooting Benches

  1. All shooting done under the name of the Lake George Gun Club Inc. shall be carried out with the highest regard for safety and pride in the sport.
  2. Upon arrival at the range, the status sign must be set to Range in Use and the red flag must be flown.
  3. There is to be no alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs on the premises. Shooters and guests are not to be under the influence of any of the above.
  4. All entries and exits to the club building (except when returning to and from the backstops) are to be made through the side door.
  5. Club members and their guests must register in the Range Logbook at the time of their arrival and this will determine the proper sequence for the day’s shooting activities.
  6. When two or more persons are shooting at the same time, one must be designated as Range Officer. Eye and ear protection must be worn.
  7. The designated shooting positions will be used for shooting. The loading of firearms (including muzzle loaders) and magazines shall only be done at the firing line on the command of the Range Officer or designate. All rounds will be fired down range within the Range Template. No prohibited ammunition will be used on the range.
  8. The green flag must be displayed before anyone is allowed to go forward of the firing line. When someone is down range, no firearms are to be advanced to the firing line.
  9. All non-shooting persons must be behind the cease fire line when the range is active. If coaches are being used, they are to stay with their assigned shooter till the range is no longer active.
  10. During competitions, the Range Officer or designate will call the shooters to their shooting positions. On non-competition days, if there are others waiting to use the range, shooters will take their TURN of 30 minutes in the order of signing in the range logbook, unless the shooter whose turn it is wishes to pass.
  11. On a cease fire order, shooters will unload their firearms and leave them open in the shooting racks for examination by the Range Officer or designate.
  12. Firearms not on the firing line are to be kept open, clear and safe in the designated racks or in their transportation containers.
  13. Targets must be retrieved;staples, pins or other fasteners removed from the mats and the backstops left clean when shooting is finished. Shooters are to clean the firing points before leaving the range.
  14. The range property shall be left clean and securely locked before the last person or persons leave. If you have used the stove, please refill the wood box.
  15. All Range Rules posted are to be followed by everyone using the range.
  16. EMERGENCY:  Call 911
    Civic address:
    173 Lake Road off Route 635

    Lake George Community
    E6K 3M9