Range Commands

1. Shooters to the line!

The Range Officer who is in charge of the range issues this order.  The authority of the Range Officer is absolute.  He/She is responsible for the safety of everyone on the range.

2. Eye and ear protection on.

Personal safety protection is a must for anyone entering an authorized firearms shooting range in Canada.  The Range Officer must refuse entry to anyone who does not have safety glasses and/or ear protection.

3. Load firearms and set safety.

Shooters are expected to load the firearm with the correct number of cartridges for the firearm being used.
Shooters are expected to set the safety for their firearm to the on position.

4. Is the line ready?

The Range Officer wants to know if the two previous instructions have been successfully completed.  He/She will not go any further until confirmation is received from all shooters.

5. The Line is ready.

The Range Officer is satisfied that it is safe to begin shooting.

6. Fire!

Shooting begins.

7. Stop! / Cease Fire!

All shooting stops IMMEDIATELY.

8. Unload and prove your firearm.

Shooters remove all cartridges from the firearm

Shooters P-R-O-V-E their firearms safe in front of the Range Officer.

9. The line is clear.

The Range Officer gives this command once all firearms are in a clear and safe condition.
Shooters can now remove eye and ear protection.
Shooters can now cross the firing line and check their targets, or,
they will step back behind the firing line.

Revised:  April 16, 2007