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Range Standing Orders

  1. All shooting shall be carried out on this range with the highest regard for safety and pride in the sport.  No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises.  When two or more are shooting at a time, one must be designated as a Range Officer.  Ear and eye protection must be worn.

  2. Club members and their guests must register their names in the Range logbook at the time of their arrival. This registration order will determine the sequence for shooting activities.

  3. The designated shooting positions will be used for shooting. All rounds must be fired inside the Range Template.  Only approved targets may be used.

  4. All non-shooting persons must be behind the cease-fire line when the range is active. If coaches are being used, they are to stay with their assigned shooters until the range is not active signal is given. 

  5. The Range Officer or designate, will call the shooters to their shooting positions.  Informal shooting activity is restricted to 30 minutes when other shooters are waiting to use the range.

  6. The loading of firearms shall be done at the designated firing positions on command from the Range Officer or designate with the muzzles pointing in a safe direction down range.  No prohibited ammunition is allowed on the range.

  7. Firearms not on the firing line are to be kept open, clear, and safe in the designated gun racks provided by the range, or in their transportation containers.

  8. The RED Flag must be flown when the range is declared active by the Range Officer or designate.  On the cease-fire order, shooters will unload their firearms and leave them open on the shooting bench for examination by the Range Officer or designate.  The GREEN Flag must be displayed before anyone is allowed to go forward of the firing line.

  9. Targets must be retrieved and the backstops left clean when shooting is finished.  Shooters must clean the firing points before leaving the range. 

  10. The Range property shall be left clean, and securely locked before the last person or persons leave the premises.

Emergency:  Call 911; Civic address: